Sunday, October 7, 2007

Barbara Walters recommends Astroglide ... ewwww

Barbara Walters' ears must have been burning Wednesday night.

That's when Rosie O'Donnell mounted the stage at Roseanne Barr 's invitation during her late-night set at Comix on W. 14th.

Rosie started off by saying, "When I was fired by Barbara Walters" - the first time she didn't stick to "The View's" spin that her departure from the show was by mutual agreement.

Rosie claimed onstage that Walters and other "View" couchmates wear earpieces through which producers tell them what to say, which she refused to do.

Rosie also confided that she and the veteran newswoman were actually so close early on in her tenure as moderator that Walters recommended Rosie use Astroglide, which, she added, took her by surprise.

"But she paved the way for women," Rosie allowed. "She interviewed Presidents ... "

"Like Abraham Lincoln," snapped Barr.

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