Wednesday, October 24, 2007

best cellphone ad ever (also the phone I think I want)

"First $10.5 Million Cellphone"
SP8830RIM    picture
Check out this truly clever cellphone ad: HERE[link now expired]

Also, this is the phone I think I want to get.  I'm waiting until January or February, when I'm eligible for a better rebate from Sprint before I decide.  Plus, by that time, a gazillion new phones will be on the market.  A few features they can definitely add to this phone to make is almost perfect, but so far it is probably the best one out there for international traveling.
Things to upgrade on the 8830:
longer lasting battery
North American GSM support (the GSM included is European)
camera (though I never use cellphone cameras, it's nice to have just in case)
3G speed (which is the wave the future)

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