Saturday, October 20, 2007

DJ sets world record for longest set at 120 hours

Brennan Smoot, aka, DJ Mechanical Renegade, is recovering quietly at his home in Charleston and enjoying some much-needed rest. You get to do that when you set a world record.

Saturday, Oct. 6 at Soldier's Memorial Theater in Beckley, he stepped behind his mixing board and sound equipment. The following Thursday, he was still there, a little tired, but still standing.

Smoot hunted down the rules. Some were important, such as the obvious: a continuous session had to be pretty much continuous. Tracks couldn't be pre-mixed. Others seemed less important, like the number of turntables used and whether there had to be someone dancing at all times.

Guinness Records dictated a few safety precautions, as well. A serious attempt at the record would deny him sleep for several days. There also had to be an allowance to use the restroom.

"There is a mandatory stipulation that you get a 15-minute break every 8 hours," he said. "And I couldn't use the same track twice in four hours."

"I used a lot of energy drinks to back me up," he laughed.

He didn't stop until he hit 120 hours on Oct. 11.

Smoot says he doesn't know if the Guinness Book of World Records will recognize his accomplishment. Like DJ Urb in the U.K. he followed the core rules, but not some of the secondary ones. He didn't have someone dancing every minute or every hour of his session. He used four turntables instead of two, with one in reserve.

"I did it my way," he said. "This is my record."

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source [Sunday Gazette]

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