Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Michael Jackson stiffs Prince

Seems the gloved wonder is in a heap o' trouble now. Now he's reneged on a deal with his buddy, Prince Abdulla Al-Khalifa of Bahrain. After his Kiddie-gate trial that he was acquitted on back in June 2005, MJ exiled himself from the US and sought refuge in Bahrain and shacked up at the Prince's crib (no pun intended). The deal was, the Prince put him up and paid for all MJ's staff, etc. and the Prince was to get a couple albums out of MJ. The Prince built a top-of-the-line recording studio and fronted the baby-dangler $7 Million to boot.

Well, after a year of mooching, MJ pulled a "I'm just going to the corner to get some milk"-and-never-return shenanigans. He claimed to take a trip to Japan and come right back, but skipped town on old Princey boy and never returned any calls by the Prince.

Now Prince Abdulla wants his 7 big one's back by suing Michael's ass. Yipes.

source [FoxNews]

This is in addition to all the other massive debts MJ is accumulating right now on various legal matters, such as the newly judge order handed down this week for MJ to pay up $175,000 to his former lawyers, whom he now owes more than $430,000.

source [AP]

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