Tuesday, October 16, 2007

some odd music items in my collection - PART 1

Here's a couple of odd items I have in my massive music collection.
This is Part 1.

This GnR flexi ... was out before the band really took off and I had only barely heard of them at the time. I was making deliveries for an old job of mine doing on-the-road-sales for a music company and in a shop that was out in the Hamptons (Long Island, NY), when on my way out, mixed in with all the free alternative band newspapers and flyers, was a STACK of these flexi's. I said, WTF and just grabbed one. I asked the guy at the counter how much it was (this guy was known to not give anything away and not even at any low prices) and he told me they were free. Go figure...

GUNS N' ROSES tour promo
Distributed during their first tour supporting "Appetite for Destruction".
Heavy paper with clear soundsheet glued on at left edge. 33 1/3, (1987).

As a kid, I did have a few of these cardboard cut-out beauties..
Cereal Box Records:

Also, related to the above, I had mailed in for my Banana Splits 45's from a cereal box offer:

I still have this and it's still sealed. I believe this was the very first commercial 3" CD ever. I was working at a distributor and grabbed it when it came in, knowing it was "the first":FRANK ZAPPA Peaches En Regalia (Deleted 1987 US Ryko 3-track 3" CD single including I'm Not Satisfied and Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up, in sealed 3.5" x 9" longpack picture sleeve RCD31001).

I have this Rolling Stones "steel" CD, as a still sealed promo:
ROLLING STONES Steel Wheels (Mega rare 1989 US 12-track CD album, comes complete with lyric booklet and housed in a superb promotional edition heavy duty custom etched stainless steel case! CSK1952).

I still have this sealed, which has a lil sticker designating that it's a promo on the outside, and supposedly, the CD on the inside says promo on it:
Grateful Dead - Built To Last, "Dead In A Deck," CD Box
I remember wanting to only get a CD promo and not the cassette promo, since the CD format was much scarcer


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