Saturday, October 13, 2007

who will play Biggie in Notorious movie?

Notorious B.I.G. Auditions Held in New York: Who’s Got the Look?

Last week, Beanie Sigel auditioned for the part of Notorious B.I.G. in the upcoming Fox Searchlight movie “Notorious.” The Broad street bully told MTV news.. “I don’t know nobody else in the rap game who could do it and pull it off, as far as who you believe, who’s lyrical enough and fits that image. If I’m watching that joint, I wouldn’t just want to see an [ordinary] actor. Some people might feel some type of way to see Beanie Sigel [playing] Biggie, I don’t know. But I’d love to have a shot at it.”

His East Coast roots and name recognized status doesn’t automatically get him the job, the movie’s producers are looking at all potential candidates, including unknown faces.

But what’s sup? How did Beanie’s audition go.. “You know how they say in Hollywood; ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ We’ll see. But if I was to get it, I’d love it.”

Beanie Sigel
And with that, this Saturday the “Notorious” casting crew pushed off to the streets of Brooklyn to give some of Biggie’s hometown brethren a shot at stardom.

source [EW]

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