Monday, November 5, 2007

Akai Mpc-500 & BeatPhone Drum Machine/Sampler iPhone apps

Note this is not an official Akai product.

Native iPhone Application replicating the Akai Mpc-500 Drum Machine/Sampler.

Future goals are to have a complete studio of audio production applications.

Application is in EARLY development stages as of now. Beta release planned @ mid Oct. 2007.

Planned features in beta V.01 will include (but not limited to):
• Pad Preview Looping
• True Multi Touch Support
• User Defined Samples (pick sounds for each pad, also choose from iTunes library)
• Additional Unlockable Features (Donaters will recieve registration code to unlock the next versions features)

The next update will be the Official release and will contain many more features and will be considered Version 1.

source [Google code]

BeatPhone is the first music creation application for the iPhone. Aiming to be a “studio in your pocket," you can compose “on the go” and perform live just anywhere !

Wanna turn your iPhone into a drum machine? BeatPhone a native 3rd party beatbox application for the iPhone currently in an early stage of development. It is a fun app with features such as 9 one-shot pads, 3 loop-pads, Samples in “any” format: WAV, AIFF etc, Output at 44.1kHz, 16-bits, Up to 256 samples polyphony. Or you can just use it to impress your friends with this iPhone DJ app. The UI is pretty ugly at the moment, but the audio core works.

Releases - Current BeatPhone release : 0.2.6 [download]

  • Complete UI redesign
  • Now you can edit drum patterns with the “Step Sequencer”
  • Multi-touch support : tap 2 beats at the same time and use “function pads” to modify pads behavior ! Functions are : “Loop Pad” and “Strudder Pad”
  • BPM control via “Tap” pad and BPM slider
  • Easily switch between workspaces: kit picker, beatbox/loops, step sequencer
  • Support multiple kits ! See appropriate section on how to add your custom kits
  • Comes with 3 new drum & sample kits !
  • Improved latency

Features & Notes (for 0.2.6) :

  • 15 pads : one-shot pads, loop pads. Possibility to switch between functionalities with function pads
  • 3 function pads : set/unset loop, set/unset strudder on loops, BPM tap adjust
  • Pattern editor “Grid Sequencer”
  • Kit selection
  • Samples in “any” format : WAV, AIFF, …
  • Output at 44.1kHz, 16-bits
  • Up to 256 samples polyphony


  • Loop stretching
  • Record samples and live mixes
  • Landscape sequencer
  • Track mixer
  • Loop studio
  • Tactile effect box, “Kaos-Pad” like

sourc [I-lusio]

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