Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amy Messhouse - first show on UK tour - DISASTER !

Amy Winehouse performed at the first show of her U.K. tour on Wednesday, and it was a disaster!

Perez Hilton reader was there and this is what they have to report:

“I’ve just come back from the Amy Winehouse concert at the NIA. In short, she was fucking terrible. She was very very drunk, she made various rambling references to her ‘husband’ (even going as far to threaten audience members who booed with him) and worst of all, it looked like she was wearing those bloody ballet pumps again. Many audience members booed, and people were continually walking out. She referred to us as ‘monkey cunts’ at one point, and she forgot the words to most of her songs. I really like Amy but this was awful. I’d like to tell you that her voice was her saving grace, but it was horrendous.”

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