Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chicken Dance gone wrong

Nightclub 'Chicken dance' led to violence

A MAN'S extroverted "chicken dance" on a nightclub dance floor led to a violent clash between his friends and bouncers, a court was told yesterday.

Daniel Fenech was with mates at Sirens Nightclub at the former Colonial Stadium in October 2000 when his unusual dancing style prompted bouncers to kick him out of the club, the County Court heard.

Medical treatment

But Mr Fenech and friends Damien Tonna and Adam and James Rapa all required medical treatment after the incident, in which they were dragged into a corridor by up to six bouncers who then assaulted them.

The court heard bouncer Con Ekoutsides punched one man in the head and upper body.

Bouncer Timothy Lam Chueng then kicked the man who was on his knees.

The court heard Mr Fenech was dragged down an escalator, while Adam Rapa was thrown down and the confrontation spilled on to the front concourse of the stadium.

The court heard Lam Chueng and bouncer Clifton Viliamu yelled abuse at the men while Ekoutsides punched and kicked Adam Rapa's head.

Yesterday Ekoutsides, 41, was convicted and received a fully suspended four-month jail term after pleading guilty to affray and assaulting Mr Rapa, who suffered a sore jaw and swelling.

Attack condemned

Judge Damian Murphy described Ekoutsides' actions as a deliberate attack on a defenceless victim.

Judge Murphy said Ekoutsides had played a "more substantial role" in the assault than his colleagues and must be condemned for his conduct.

Prosecutor Kevin Doyle said: "The level of force used here was beyond what was necessary ... it all seems to have stemmed from Fenech's dancing on the dance floor."

Ekoutsides was charged 18 months after the incident, then failed to appear at a court hearing in 2002 and was subsequently arrested and mistakenly released on bail on a public holiday in 2004.

In 2004, Lam Chueng was convicted and sentenced to a one-month suspended jail term, and Viliamu was convicted and sentenced to an adjourned undertaking, after each pleaded guilty to affray.


Ekoutsides' lawyer, Ruth Shann, told the court her client was not a violent man and was ashamed of how he acted.

Ms Shann said the assault happened three days after Ekoutsides' divorce was finalised and he left the security industry a few weeks after the incident.

The court heard James Rapa received a broken jaw, Daniel Fenech a fractured hand and Damien Tonna had his nose broken in the incident.

Source [
News - Australia]

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The Chicken Dance (for the 2 people in this world who have never been to a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding before).

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