Friday, November 23, 2007

get ready for the next fashion fad - "Injured Idols"

No, this has nothing to do with hurting anyone on American Idol. Gwen Stefani has already sung about them, but the "Harajuku Girls" of Tokyo are famous for their trendsetting fashions.

Kegadoru: Injured Idol Fetish

Japan’s famous Harajuku, is famous for the extreme and weird fashions and cultures it is home to. From Yamambas to Gothic Doll Girls, If you are wandering around this wild section of Japan, you are likely to get an eye full.

With the recent trends you may even see an increased number of girls that appear injured. Heads wrapped in bandages and eyes covered in patches, these girls have not been on the losing end of a fight, but rather the youth of Kegadoru, translated “injured idols” and a fetish for scantily clad women to dress up in bandages.

“Many of the men who come to Akihabara often compliment us on how good our
bandages look, or how cute they are. For girls hanging out in Akihabara,
bandages and eye patches have become a must-have fashion item.”
Attention seeking to the next level it seems a shame that these girls feel like bandages andfake injuries are the only way to a man’s heart.

“When you’re covered in bandages, everybody pays attention to you and worries
about you. They also provide a chance to start talking to guys, who’ll ask you
how you hurt yourself, so the bandages are really, really good,”
Apparently the color of the bandages also plays a role in the fashion with White symbolizing chastity and virginity and Black symbolizing an even darker side to the trend.

We believe Red probably symbolizes they are really hurt and need to go to the hospital.

Source [Mainichi] via [Weird Asia News]

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