Thursday, November 29, 2007

Led Zeppelin Landmarks - virtual tour

The whole world is going Zep mad at the moment... and quite right too. There's new comps out... new DVDs... a new gig for fuck's sake! And now, a virtual trip in the zeppelin through time and space.

With Google Maps and Google Earth you can see where Zep used to secretly jam after Earls Court performances, or the house in which Stairway to Heaven was written, or where Jim Page took a leak in a hedgerow.

To access Led Zeppelin Landmarks, you can use Google Maps on your regular web browser, or install Google Earth ( for an even better visual experience. To access the Led Zeppelin Landmarks, CLICK HERE.

From that page, you will also be able to download the Google Earth file. Double-click it to run it, and then select the sites you’d like to visit from the left-hand menu.

Source [Electric Roulette]

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