Saturday, November 3, 2007

MIXA USB Cassette Tape

Feeling slightly nostalgic for the humble cassette? - See it return for the digital age, courtesy of magneticNorth, as the Mixa.

Yes, this is a mix tape for the modern era, with the Mixa offering 1GB of storage, able to hold any variation of music, video and images. And best of all - you design it. Go online to create a stylish look for your tape or opt for the ready-made designs already on the website.

Once you've sorted your design, the finished item will be delivered to our door, complete with USB cable and some stickers to customise it a bit more - ready for you to add your content. Available now, you can order one now for £19.99 (including postage) (approx $40).

Design your own tape at the Mixa website

source [RetroToGo]

1 comment:

  1. I heard about this, but wasn't aware the drive held a fucking GIG?!! DAAAAAAAAAAAMN! That'd make a swell gift for someone who'd appreciate it.

    It'd be cool to design one for someone (someone without a collection) and give it to them for Ramadan or something. For realz!