Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sgt. Pepper gets cracked and mashed

ccc & ill chemist -

Cracked Pepper (ccc mash-up album)

In honour of the 40th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, CCC [myspace] released another mashup album (remember Revolved?). This one is called Cracked Pepper.


The Beatles vs. Bowie vs. Stones Vs. Wings (ccc remix)
Cracked Pepper

The Beatles vs. Gary Glitter vs. KLF/Timelords vs. Macca vs. J. Le (ccc remix)
With a Little Glam

The Beatles vs. Groove Armada vs. lots of other Beatles (ccc remix)
Lucy at the River

The Beatles vs. The Clash vs. Queen (ccc remix)
The Word is Good

The Beatles vs. Air (ccc remix)
Kelly Watch the Hole

The Beatles vs. Kinobe vs. Krishnarocker (ccc remix)
She's Slipping

The Beatles vs. themselves (ccc remix)
Love Kite

The Beatles vs. The Doors vs. Hendrix (ccc remix)
It's Far Too Late

The Beatles vs. Brian Wilson vs. The BB's (ccc remix)
Hawaii 64

The Beatles vs. Primal Scream (ccc remix)
Stuttin' Rita

The Beatles vs. Selecter vs. Specials vs. Skatalites (ccc remix)
Good Pressure

The Beatles vs. George Martin vs. Stevie Wonder (ccc remix)
Cracked Pepper (Reprise)

The Beatles vs. George Gershwin vs. ELO (ccc remix)
A Sky Blue Rhapsody

mp3 links source [memethief]

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