Tuesday, November 13, 2007

there's a magazine for every fetish, even necrophilia

This magazine is more of a spoof than a true fetish magazine, but still, it's kinda creepy.

GIRLS AND CORPSES -- "the world's first comedy magazine about death."

So if you are into hot babes and crusty, rotting corpses, then click here
to order.

Girls & Corpses is sort of like Maxim Magazine meets Dawn Of The Dead. There are pictures in each issue of beautiful, scantily clad young beauties posing with hideous, decaying, festering corpses.

From the Deaditor-In-Chief:

If you are looking at this site, I figure you're either a horror hound, bored porn surfer or wanna-be necrophiliac. It's not for me to judge. Personally, I prefer smooth living flesh to the crunchy variety. Then again, maybe you're bored with the billions of mindless fetish sites and want something a little "different." Well, you've come to the right crypt.
My personal fave is their high-flying special issue devoted to girls and corpses on trampolines.

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