Sunday, November 4, 2007

Where are they now ... Tony Hadley, former lead singer of Spandau Ballet

Tony Hadley (front row, right in picture above)

Spandau Ballet were a popular English band in the 1980s. Initially inspired by a mixture of funk and synthpop, the genre-defining New Romantic group eventually mellowed into a mainstream pop act.

One of the lamest interviews. Clearly it was a generic, write-in, fill-in-the-blank style interview. But nonetheless, it was cool just getting an update on Tony Hadley, 47 - former lead singer of the '80s band Spandau Ballet. Here's just two quotes from Tony, from this recent interview with The Indpendent:

"Surviving in the music business. It's cut-throat and you are surrounded by sharks."
A common misperception of [Hadley] is...
"That I am aloof and stand-offish. I think it comes from the Spandau days. Our look was very serious, angry young men who wanted to take over the world."
Tony now presents Party Classics with Tony Hadley on Virgin Radio (UK).

Tony Hadley has released a swing album and earlier this year landed the lead role in the musical Chicago in the West End, playing the part of lawyer Billy Flynn, a part for which he played for 3 months. Tony stated in April 2007 there may be an opportunity around the 30th anniversary of [Spandau Ballet] for a full reunion, but other outstanding issues would need to be remedied first.
His new jazz/swing style is in the vain of Michael Buble, Harry Connick.

Back in the day, Tony made a brief appearance in the final minute of the video for PM Dawn's 'Set Adrift on Memory Bliss'.

Hadley performed a set with other 1980's acts at Retro Fest on 1st September 2007 at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland. This appearance included a rendition of Addicted to Love with Martin Fry of ABC and Peter Cox of Go West.

Spandau Ballet - To Cut A Long Story Short - the band's debut single

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