Monday, December 3, 2007

American Idol Meltdown

I, one, am not an American Idol or reality TV show fan and my posts are quite limited when it comes to them. But I agree with The Smoking Gun, that this story is worth reporting:

While we normally don't concern ourselves with the criminal escapades of "American Idol" washouts, we're making an exception in the case of Jessica Sierra, who was busted Saturday morning following a disturbance outside a Florida bar. Sierra, who ended up being hit with several charges, including cocaine possession, battery, and disorderly intoxication, became really entertaining when detained by police. She kicked one cop and told another, "You're a dick-sucking faggot." After being stuffed in a Tampa Police Department patrol car, the 22-year-old Sierra vomited in the back seat. And she told one female officer, "You fucking bitch, I'll kick your ass. I'll fuck you up, you whore." Then it got fun, according to the below police report, which was first unearthed by the
MJ Morning Show. As she was being driven to central booking, Sierra said the arrest would ruin her life, adding she would do anything to be let go. Specifically, Sierra said, "Please don't take me to jail, I'll suck your dick if you don't take me to jail." After that offer was apparently declined, Sierra said, "Fuck you, nigger" several times, according to the report. More vomiting followed upon arrival at the Hillsborough County lockup, where the 2005 "American Idol" finalist "continued acting disorderly, yelling profanities and racial slurs." Sierra, now being held without bond, will reportedly appear in an upcoming VH1 reality series about celebrities in rehab. That show, of course, was shot before Sierra's weekend meltdown.

7 page report:
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This little princess can now face up to 11 YEARS plus 60 days in prison if convicted of violating her probation. About two weeks ago, the 22-year-old singer pleaded no contest to charges of cocaine possession and felony battery for hitting a man with a glass at a bar in April.

A top-10 contestant on the talent show "American Idol" in 2005, Sierra entered a California rehab facility in July. Her outcome was to be documented on VH1's reality show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" early next year.

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