Monday, December 3, 2007

aSmallWorld aka "MySpace For Millionaires" or "Snobster"

aSmallWorld is an online social network service similar to Friendster. Dubbed "Snobster" by critics, it is an exclusive invitation-only network with roughly 270,000 members. Founded by Erik Wachtmeister, a former investment banker and INSEAD graduate, and the son of a former Swedish ambassador to the United States, the network includes supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Marcus Schenkenberg, Ivanka Trump, Bruno Santos, Massimiliano Neri, Isabeli Fontana, Lisa Cant, Singers and Musicians such as James Blunt, and Josh Groban; Film directors Quentin Tarantino, Renny Harlin and Andrew Waller, Sport champion Tiger Woods, socialities and businessmen Emanuele Filiberto Di Savoia, James Ferragamo and David Reuben.

aSmallWorld shares many features with other social network services, such as profiles, an event calendar, and private messaging. Unlike most other such services, aSmallWorld allows users to list multiple cities as their location of residence.

Membership decisions seem to be based on an applicant's education, job title and connections, since it's difficult to verify wealth levels. Those who engage in improper behavior, like trying to mingle with strangers or sell products too aggressively, are kicked out.

Rules state that members aren't allowed to "annoy, harass or unreasonably disturb members, or try to connect to members with whom you have no previous contact."

The site's classified ad section reads like a billionaire's yard sale: "For sale -- Caviar Servers and Horn Spoons." "For Sale $2.8 million Tsavorite gemstone." "Bugatti Veyron, Black, 2006. 1.1 million Euros."

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