Thursday, December 20, 2007

First Led Zep... now Pink Floyd to reform?

In the aftermath of the O2 gig, Led Zeppelin sip cocoa and try to figure out what the hell they're gonna do next (once Plant gets his Alison Krauss tour out of the way)... meanwhile, probably in the home counties, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has dropped huge hints that the psychprog overlords could be hitting the road again.

Mason told XFM that 2005’s Live 8 event “showed that the door can be opened” for future Floyd reunions. Pigs flew (geddit?) when the group rejoined at Live 8 so it’ll probably take something that big to get Waters and Gilmore pallying up again. “If there was a suitable reason or things change a bit in the next year or two and everybody suddenly thinks, ‘Well, actually, I really would like to do that’ then I think it’ll happen,” Mason explained, but “the only thing that would generate it would be something the equivalent of Live 8.” Of course, they nearly got it on in tribute to Syd Barrett...

The band had to abort a reunion at last year’s Syd Barrett tribute and Mason, who Rolling Stone rag dubbed a moonlighting 'rock fantasy-camp counselor', blamed bad timing as opposed to ego war. “Roger was on at Earls Court the next day and so he’d arranged to go on early... and Dave couldn’t get there ’til late … so everything conspired against us but it wasn’t a case of ‘We’re not going to play together.'”

Of course, if the band did get back together, I think it would be churlish to hope to hear Careful With That Axe, Eugene and See Emily Play, but you never know do you? There's better ways of paying tribute to the late Syd than wheeling Crazy Diamond out again. People who work in lazer light shows and dry ice, start sitting by the phone now.

Source [Electric Roulette]

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