Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Britney Spears

Celebrating her 17th birthday in pic above

Britney Jean Spears
was born on December 2, 1981. So yes, America's biggest trainwreck is now a mere 26 years old.

Raised in Louisiana, she got her start by losing out on Star Search in 1992.

Followed by her featured performance on the New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 until 1994.

Even lip-syncing at an early age.

In 1997 she got a deal with Jive Records as a solo artist opening up for acts like Backstreet Boys and N'Sync, which featured fellow Mousketeer, Justin Timberlake.

Her debut single, "...Baby One More Time" was a huge success both in sales and on MTV. Her (not so Innocent) schoolgirl look inspired fashion crazes worldwide amongst teen girls.

From that point on, Britney became one of the biggest pop music recording artists of all time, breaking records in sales and radio airplay.

In 2003, she had a controversial on-stage live kiss with Madonna, while performing "Like A Virgin" along with Christina Aguilera.

In 2002 Britney starred in her first motion picture as Lucy in Crossroads. Spears received a Razzie Award for Worst Actress and for Worst Original Song "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman."

In March of 2006, Britney plays a closeted lesbian just to get a job with a conservative Christian company and lands a job with Jack and his TV show, JackTalk.

She got plenty of endorsements deals, with the biggest one being her deal with Pepsi, which aired many commercials.

This year saw the downhill slide for Miss Spears, with various reports of her drug and alcohol battles, overnight rehab stays, her vicious child custody cases, her driving inabilities, dreadful live performance, umbrella attack on the paparazzi, shaving her head, shoplifting claims, shameless public crotch exposure, etc.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... and get well.

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  1. Great post -- but one thing -- the YouTube video of "Don't Walk Away", the MMC number. Brit's in it, but the lead, the girl in red, is Nikki DeLoach. I know, I'm an anal jackass. Sorry!