Thursday, December 13, 2007

Movies with highest “f*cks” and FPM's

“F*ck is an offensive word. It’s a taboo word. It’s also a really funny word. People often laugh when you say it. It’s a great tension breaker. You can get your point across with it. It’s got to be the most adaptable word in the English language. It’s one of the most recognizable words around the world. Almost every nation I have ever been to uses the word “F*ck”. But “F*ck” is universally recognized as the ultimate bad word. That’s what’s so intriguing about it.”
- Steve Anderson, director of the documentary F*ck. Watch trailer here.

This is a list with 10 movies that are among the greatest to frequently use the word “f*uck” (due to Google search we will censor the 4 letter word).

Here are the 10 movies with highest counts:

1. Casino (398 “f*cks” - 2.24 fpm)

2. Alpha Dog (367 “f*cks” - 3.11 fpm)

3. Running Scared (315 “f*cks” - 2.58 fpm)

4. Summer of Sam (315 “f*cks” - 2.07 fpm)

5. Goodfellas (300 “f*cks” - 2.07 fpm)

6. Jarhead (278 “f*cks” - 2.26 fpm)

7. Reservoir Dogs (269 “f*cks” - 2.69 fpm)

8. Pulp Fiction (265 “f*cks” - 1.72 fpm)

9. The Big Lebowski (260 “f*cks” - 2.66 fpm)

10. Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back (248 “f*cks” - 2.38 fpm)

For the complete Top 25 list, please check out

To learn more about this magical word:

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