Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Dreams Have Been Answered - the Ultimate Holiday Gift

It's not an AK-47, but it's the Hello Kitty model, known as the HK-47

The Glambo Signature Series "Hello Kitty" HK-AK-47
The world should note the hand-crocheted shoulder-stock muffler and the anodized titanium plating. This fully functional firearm fires standard 7.62mm 125 or 150 grain ammunition with a muzzle velocity of approximately 710 meters per second and a maximum effective range of approximately 300 meters. Several choices in stock wood are available. With a limited run of only 500, buy now before they're gone! A mere $100 extra includes Glambo's signature wood-burnt into the opposite side of the handguard. A perfect gift for the young lady of the house.

A bargain at only $1072.95!

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