Friday, December 28, 2007

New #1 Song In New Zealand... Can't Be Heard By Humans !!

The Christmas single, A Very Silent Night, has been recorded at the highest frequencies possible for compact disc recordings, so that only dogs can hear it. Artist credit goes to The Underdogs.

A Very Silent Night is a single released in New Zealand exclusively for dogs. As a world first, the single can not be heard by human ears, but can be heard by dogs and other animals that can hear outside the limits of the human ear. The single was sold during December 2007 as a fundraiser for the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). A music video was also made featuring New Zealand artist Dei Hamo. It reached the 'top of the pups' on the 24th of December 2007, and is now the New Zealand Christmas number one.

It is indeed the official #1 Song in the Country of New Zealand, as their current chart reflects: Label Universal Music Group

Track listing
A Very Silent Night
A Very Silent Night (instrumental)

The Film Brewery’s Chris Graham, (award-winning music video and feature film Director of Sione’s Wedding), has directed a music video and TVC for the single. Styled on Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, and Scribe’s ‘Not Many’ videos, the cast features 14 dogs, rapper Dei Hamo as Santa and two gorgeous models as elves.

Source [SPCA]

There is, of course, audiophile speculation regarding this. First of all, the video has NO sound. Not sound humans can't hear, just no sound. Even if it was uploaded with the high-pitch sound, the YouTube compression would limit it to audible levels humans CAN hear. But playing this video with a spectrum analyzer reveals no sound. Also, most CD's limit audio frequencies to around 21-22kHz when sampled at 44.1kHz.

Anyone have a WAV file of this?

Hey .. at least it's charity .. and for animals (Spyder likes that)

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