Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Google Street Views

Google has been working on enhancing their already incredible mapping system. They have satellite mapping, terrain mapping, and everything. The past year, they have had cars and vans driving around the streets of the U.S. with cameras planted on the roofs, with their goal of eventually having driven on EVERY street in this country (future plans are for streets around the world) and shooting panoramic "street level" photos. It's insane.

The above picture is the front entrance of my friend's apartment in Manhattan. The number of his building is not quite accurate (he's 259 W. 15th and this shows 280 W. 15th St.), but still VERY cool, nonetheless.

The street level views have only hit a few cities so far and even the one's they hit, doesn't mean they've been down every street yet. On Google Maps, only the streets with the blue borders indicate street views are available right now. It seems Google is adding new cities every couple of months. So far they have around 23 cities included with Dallas, Detroit, Indianapolis, Fort Worth, Boston, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Providence recently added.

Google is really extending their features to this as well, with allowing you to embed to websites (via API), share direct links to views (link to above image) and more. Cool stuff.


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