Thursday, December 13, 2007

Veteran Vinyl DJ Goes Digital: Grandmaster Flash switches to TRAKTOR SCRATCH

Native Instruments and legendary hip hop artist Grandmaster Flash just announced a collaboration based on Flash’s recent decision to switch to TRAKTOR SCRATCH, finally making the move to a digital DJ system after three decades of pioneering vinyl DJing.

As the original inventor of several fundamental DJ techniques outlined in his seminal “Quik Mix Theory”, and as the first hip hop artist and DJ to be inducted into the prestigious “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame”, Grandmaster Flash personifies the creative and technological evolution of DJing in a unique way. As a pioneer in every regard, he also became known for always taking advantage of the most advanced equipment available to expand his creative options, even building his own crossfaders at a time when sophisticated DJ gear was not available.

Grandmaster Flash has carefully evaluated the emerging digital vinyl technology over recent years, and has ultimately decided to adopt TRAKTOR SCRATCH as his new performance tool of choice, finally switching from vinyl records to a computer-based DJing system. With its impeccable vinyl feel, advanced hardware interface, and versatile arsenal of creative features, TRAKTOR SCRATCH is the system that Grandmaster Flash trusts to take his technique into the future.

“I feel right at home with Traktor Scratch when rocking the party,” says Grandmaster Flash. “The interface is great, and I love the effects and the accuracy of the time-code vinyl. Whether I am doing a slow rub, a fast rub, a cut or backspin, the response is amazing.”

Native Instruments and Grandmaster Flash are now collaborating on a worldwide promotional campaign based on his classic kitchen appearance in the famous 1982 hip hop documentary “Wildstyle”. Grandmaster Flash has also signed 50 TRAKTOR SCRATCH packages that are now available at regular price exclusively in the NI Online Shop.

Furthermore, Native Instruments and Grandmaster Flash will be on tour together in 2008 at clubs across the US, with details and dates to be announced in the near future on the NI website.

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