Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WhatColor - A Must For ColorBlinds Using PC

I am moderately red/green color blind, which is quite common, especially amongst men.

This has to be one of the most life-saving tools for me. Doing any graphics or web layouts, or just viewing any page on the net, it is so helpful.

What it does is, it looks at the pixel your cursor is pointing to and blows that color up into a small window. It gives you the hexadecimal or RGB color code (great for people who do graphics or web designs) and the BEST part, which other similar programs don't do, including Photoshop, etc ... is that it displays the NAME of the color for me.

I use programs like Photoshop and all I get is a swatch of the color and various codes to represent the color. But being colorblind, that is sometimes useless or work for me to know what I am working with. Now if something is teal, lavender, crimson, slate, goldenrod, etc., I finally now know.

WindowsNT 4.0
(sorry, no Macs)

Click the file name below file name
file size 434,483 bytes
version v4.70e

Take This Color Blindness test, known as the
Ishihara Test for Color Blindness:
Look at the circles below. Each circle has an array of colored dots. Within the dot pattern, and differentiated only by color, is a number. What, or even if, a number is visible indicates if and what form of color blindness the viewer has. See if you can see the "hidden" number. The answers are in the comments section, listed with the letter used above each image.







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