Sunday, December 30, 2007

With 12:00 New Years Eve Approaching, Time to Pick Up a DJ-related Watch

I'm personally feelin' the Flud watch

Stamps Disco-Record Duo Watch
Watch kit that comes with 2 different watchcases for you to choose from (or wear them together like back in the day when you piled on the Swatches) and a wide leather band. The watchcases come with a hidden sticky back, so you can wear it OR stick it anywhere you please. Imported. Wipe clean.
* 9.25"l strap, 1.25"w strap, 1.75"w case, .5"h case
* Leather, stainless steel, brass, plastic
Urban Outfitters (online only)

Tokidoki - LP Watch, Black
Adjustable genuine leather strap watch with silver setting. Featuring the brand's signature style. Actual record on the turntable face of the watch spins around and around every second that goes by. Time can be shown to the left of the record. Very, very nice.
available at The Giant Peach

Marc Ecko Turntable Watch Necklace
When you’re itchin’ for some Ecko style, scratch it with this Turntable Watch necklace. Features engraved logo, rhinestone piecing, and chain. Imported.
Man-made material
Used to be available at Macy's. but no longer. So you'll have to hunt around.

Flud Turntable Watch
Flud Watches brings us a replica of the classic Technics 1200... in wrist watch form! Features a smooth black leather strap. It even comes in a miniature flight case.
Available at Turntable Lab

Hyperrap DJ Scratch Watch - Silver Design
The world's first disc-scratching turntable wrist watch. Complete with large dot matrix lcd display and dancing graphics. The watch has two built-in games, so you can scratch to the generated beats and watch the visual graphics change. Guaranteed to bring hours of fun.
Selling Price: £8.95 (New Low Price)
Available at HTFR

BPM Watch
The watch with a built in "Beats Per Minute" counter (BPM). Tap out the rhythm for an on-screen display of the musical tempo. It displays both time and date, has a mini-torch built in and of course the BPM feature with scrolling messages to get you in the mood for your next mix.
Available at Tokyo Flash


  1. The Flud watch is the best looking of all those.