Wednesday, December 5, 2007

wrath of Amato, strikes against 3 Beat Records in Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the liquidation of Amato, one of dance music’s biggest distributors.

Now Liverpool’s
3 Beat Records has announced that it has had to close its label management wing and digital download site due to the demise of Amato.

“We had to say goodbye to our label management business,” 3 Beat’s Jon told Beatportal.

“The demise of Amato meant we could not keep that side of the business going.

“The debt owed to 3 Beat Label Management was approximately £75,000.

“I doubt many companies can take that kind of hit. We certainly can’t.

“3 Beat Label Management also created and maintained our digital site so for the time being at least that is on hold.

“We won’t bring the label management company back but are in advanced discussions with another party about working with them on the digital site.

“So all being well we hope to relaunch that in the new year. The rest of our business, fortunately remains entirely unaffected by Amato’s closure.”

Jon told Beatportal that the recent restructuring has meant they will now concentrate on their label, record shop and club night.

Plus 3 Beat plan to launch a remixer management company.

“Having been forced into a recent restructure we are really excited about 2008,” said Jon.

“We hope to have huge success with the label, now hooked into Universal after five fun years at Ministry of Sound.

“The shop will have an overhaul - we intend to match the eight turntables with eight computer terminals so our customers can download as well as purchase physical product from their favourite download sites.

“We will continue pushing our club brand ‘back to the old pool’, our first night with Ce Ce Rogers and Marshall Jefferson was a huge success, and the next one is planned for March 1st.

“We will be launching a remixer management company, with some very cool folk already on board.

“So all being well some fun times ahead.”

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