Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Absolut celebrates DISCO with Limited Edition Bottle-Shaped Mirror Ball

I was in my liquor store earlier today and didn't notice the latest LIMITED EDITION Absolut Vodka promotion with the Absolut Bottle-shaped Disco Mirror Ball. I might have to go back again tomorrow.

Visit the cute webpage they have set up with interactive games and downloads. If you have a webcam and mic on your computer, get your Aunt Polly and Esther out on the dancefloor (a long as dey don't touch da hair). Games include fingering (not the NSFW-kinda fingering, you pigs). It's a keyboard integrated animation that makes you point your fingers to the music à la Tony Manero-style.

The one-liter Absolut Disco gift pack is built of exactly 1,000 reflecting prisms which serve as a bottle package and can be put into use as a disco ball. The Absolut Disco is a clamshell package that opens to reveal the bottle. The empty gift pack has a loop for hanging.

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