Friday, January 4, 2008

Adele Live Video: Glee Club in Birmingham (14 October 2007)

Just 19, jazz and soul-steeped Londoner Adele Adkins (who uses only her first name) has already employed a musical education ranging from Dusty Springfield to Jeff Buckley to become a hot new property for XL Recordings.

"I'm inspired by American artists, and I learned to sing by listening to Etta James," she says. "But I also loved (U.K. pop/soul singer) Gabrielle. It was a real mix, and that's how the album is."

Adele attended the BRIT School in south London ("I got to listen to music every day and (received) a qualification at the end") and attracted industry interest after developing a MySpace page. She signed a worldwide deal with XL in November 2006.

"I signed a good deal, but not one of these stupidly big ones," she says, "and my publishing (with Universal Music) was sensible. I don't see the point in taking loads of money (as an advance), because you'll never start seeing money in your pocket."

Label CEO Richard Russell says Adele is "in a tradition of artists who know exactly what they want -- incredibly focused and quick to tell you which of your ideas are rubbish." He says "19" will be released in the United States on XL "perhaps as early as April, perhaps as late as June (or) July."

Review from the Glee Club in Birmingham (14 October 2007) performance:
I had a feeling that seeing Adele perform live was going to be a real treat, and I wasn't wrong. It was a very intimate affair at The Glee Club, perfect for the acoustic set that she performed. When she came on stage she apologised in advance for having a bad throat, but if that’s how well she sings with a bad throat I can’t wait to hear her fully fit!

She was amazing, living up to all my expectations and then some because as well as having a fantastic voice she seemed like a really nice, down to earth person.

The stripped back version of Hometown Glory gave me goosebumps, and Daydreamer sounded great too. Can’t wait for the album to come out, she said she’ll be touring again in the new year so that will be eagerly awaited too!

Adele singing live at the Glee Club in Birmingham on the 14th of October 2007.

Adele - Heart of Stone

Adele - Hometown Glory

Adele - I Quit, I'm Moving On

Adele - Right as Rain

Adele - My Same

Adele - Best For Last

Adele - Crazy For You

Adele - Painting Pictures

Adele - Daydreamer

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