Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Syntax Music Distribution: Out Of Business

One of New York's vinyl distributors will be shutting their doors for good this Friday. Having been in business for ten years specializing in U.S. and imported house, dance and techno music, Syntax Music Distribution was one of the few remaining vinyl wholesalers in the U.S.

Previously Syntax had their own label group, under the company name of Syntax Recordings and was most famous for their label Big Chief Recordings, along with DJ Onionz. Syntax also was previously doing P+D's (production and distribution) for about a dozen more labels, such as Nu-Faze, Grab Recordings, Fairpark Recordings, etc.

For the past month, Syntax was trying to focus on the import vinyl, but the market was against them.

They will be missed.

Farewell letter sent out earlier today....

From: Syntax Distribution
Sent: Wednesday, 9 January 2008
Subject: Farewell

Hello All,

After over 10 years and countless records, Syntax is closing its doors.

Digital distribution, closing stores, a weak dollar, a poor economy and the rising cost of every aspect of distributing vinyl have brought us to an end.

We're all very sad here as this has been our passion and livelihood for as long as we've been "adults", but the time has come to move on.

It has been a pleasure to deal with you (almost all of you!)

This Friday, January 11th will be our last day. Our phones are no longer working so if you need to contact anyone here please e-mail orders@syntaxmusic.com

Best of luck with all your endeavors.


The Syntax Crew


  1. Not surprising sadly... When did you get the time machine?? You're blog's so dope you've got tomorrow's news today! "Sent Wednesday January9th, 2007" That's HOT!!

  2. HahAaha ...FIGURES you would catch that. I was going to change it, but decided to leave it exactly how I got it. Email was sent this evening from Syntax to someone in Australia, who then, in turn forwarded to me. Thus the date difference.

    Maybe I should speak to my Aussie friends and get some Lottery numbers, huh??? LOL

  3. what a bummer. I had a small record sotre in Santiago de Chile. I used to order vinyl from John Dunton at syntax & before that from another store i used to work at. First it was Caroline that shut in the uk, then watts in US, Intergroove in the uk... it seems that there won't be any underground distributors any longer... i'm about to burst into tears.. music in digital format HAS NO SOUL... it's cold

  4. there is a new distro company in New York called Sector Media

    they deal in house, techno, drum&bass, breaks, dubstep. Great customer service, good prices, etc...

    Sector Media
    Brooklyn, NY 11201


    hope this helps