Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time to Learn Your ABC's

Sesame Street had the best variety of legendary celebrities singing or reciting the alphabet. Some are shown here along with a variety of other classic videos, with a few foreign ones thrown in. Let's all learn the ABC's.

Blackalicious' Alphabet Aerobics w/ Cut Chemist off A to G EP. (not official video - but very cool)

3 Stooges - Swingin the Alphabet

fun parody to the 3 Stooges video from above

James Earl Jones recites the alphabet
(so this is what it would sound like if Darth Vader recited the alphabet)

late baseball legend, Jackie Robinson reciting the alphabet

Billy Joel sings the alphabet

ASL Sign Language Alphabet

PETULA CLARK AND GUY MITCHELL - The Alphabet Song (1960)

Lou Rawl sings the alphabet

Manhattan Transfer sings the alphabet

The Pointer Sisters sing a catchy version of the Alphabet song

Madrigal Alphabet (for all you Renaissance fans)

Animal Alphabet (1950)

Patrick Stewart (as Captain Picard) Alphabet - WOW

They Might Be Giants - Alphabet Of Nations (where is West Xylophone??...LOL)

Patti LaBelle Singing The Alphabet Gospel Style

Take 6 sing the Alphabet (acappella group-style)

Richard Pryor's alphabet (this is clean)

Elmo's Alphabet Rap

Amanda Lear - Alphabet (the 1977 disco sleaze version - done in a French accent)

ABC's for kids on LSD (volume is low, so turn it up)

Sesame Street - Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet
Muppet bit from 1969, featuring the voices of Matt Robinson and Loretta Long (the original Gordon and Susan).

for the Portuguese translation of the above video, check this one:

Muslim Kid School will teach you the Arabic Alphabet

Rev. Lanning sings the Hebrew Alphabet

This one is honorable mention since they only sing the first three letters of the English Alphabet
Jackson 5 - ABC

One more honorable mention since this video only sings about the vowels in the English alphabet ... plus, this was such a fun 80's song, so I just wanted an excuse to post this music video.
EBN-OZN - "Aeiou sometimes y"

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  1. What? No FREEZ or Prince Alphabet Street??