Sunday, January 6, 2008

Want Bigger Breasts? Just Have a Bowl of Pudding

F-Cup Pudding boosts busts through snacking

Instead of trying to slim down this new year, why not make bigger breasts your new year’s resolution? Trade in those questionable fad diets and pricey gym memberships for Yokoyama Corporations’s F-Cup Pudding snacks.

The magic ingredient is pueraria mirifica, a southeast Asian plant containing phytoestrogens that is being marketed as a natural breast enhancer. The mango-flavored pudding snacks also contain soy protein and red clover, other products with phytoestrogens that, it should be noted, are used for treating menopause.

While the results are questionable, you could do worse than eat mango pudding everyday. In fact, at only 1,890¥ for a month’s supply (available online), these pudding snacks are actually cheaper then the ones at the convenience store that only promise to make your stomach bigger.

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Source [CScout Japan]

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