Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Vincent Montana, Jr.

One of my all-time heros celebrates a birthday today. I wish Vincent Montana, Jr. the happiest and healthiest of birthdays. He's been a true inspiration to me and my passion and appreciation for music.

I just got this email from Vincent Montana, Jr.'s daughter:

Hi All
Just wanted to share VMJs Birthday Card.
We're celebrating 80
years on the 12th February, 2008.
Please feel free to pass it on.
and All the Best,

Vincent Montana Jr. (born February 12, 1928) is an American composer, arranger, and percussionist, most known as a member of MFSB and as the founder of the Salsoul Orchestra.

He is the spiritual father of the Salsoul Orchestra, the backing band for the many acts on Salsoul Records. The personnel of MFSB and the Salsoul orchestra overlapped substantially, and both groups were recorded at Philadelphia's famous Sigma Sound Studios.

In recent years Mr. Montana has worked with famed house music duo Masters at Work, which has rekindled interest in his work. Ken Cayre, founder of Salsoul Records, has praised Mr. Montana's skill at scoring strings, brass, and diverse percussion in such way that it all worked within a dance recording. As Mr. Montana was among the first with his considerable training and skill to apply such scoring technique to disco-oriented recordings, it is safe to say he is a true pioneer in the field.

You can view a decent discography on Discogs
Official Vince Montana Jr. Website At Philly Sound Works

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