Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gay Dance Divas for Lesbians

I just saw this cool post on Logo's Lesbian website, After Ellen
(NO, it's not a website I've been to before. Yes, I'm not lying).

Here's the article...

Last week I got the new Kylie Minogue CD, X, in the mail. I get a lot of CDs in the mail from publicists who are promoting their artists to a gay audience, and it never fails to amaze me that most publicists have no idea that gay men and lesbians like totally different stuff (including sexual partners). But I gave the Kylie CD a spin anyway, because hey, I kinda liked her 2002 CD Fever.

And I admit it: I enjoyed the new Kylie CD. In fact, as I was listening to it on the way to the grocery store, I thought, "Hey, I should make a mix of gay dance divas for lesbians!" Even though most lesbians are not into gay house music, I think there is some crossover, at least during Pride after-parties.

Here's my attempt at that mix. Some of the songs are tracks from bona fide gay icons like Kylie, others are more lesbianish. Some are brand new, some are old, some just have funny lyrics. All are divalicious.

1. "Like a Drug" - Kylie Minogue

Kylie's latest CD, I have to say, is almost as much fun as Fever. And since she inspired this mix, she's at No. 1.

2. "Rock With U" - Janet Jackson

Is Janet a gay dance diva? Well, let me submit the following as evidence: When I was 16, I went to see her Rhythm Nation tour with my friend Tom. We screamed a lot, and later we both turned out to be gay. I think "Rock With U" is the best track from her new album, Discipline.

3. "Dirty Rich" - Lady Gaga

I got a three-track EP from someone called Lady Gaga in the mail last month, and as soon as I popped it into my CD player, I was hooked. Apparently she's a New York-based go-go dancer who also writes dance/electronica songs like the super-catchy "Dirty Rich."

According to her MySpace, she sounds like "elton john, freddy mercury, boy george,& john lennon in wig and fishnets at studio 54," so she's clearly aiming for the gay dance diva crown. I think she's pretty lesbianish, too, because to me she sounds like Peaches-meets-Goldfrapp. Her first album comes out this summer.

4. "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" - Deborah Cox

This song is memorable to me for two reasons. First, it reminds me of going out to Campus, a gay night at Man-Ray, a small club in Cambridge, Mass., during the '90s (ooh, nostalgia!). Second, the lyrics crack me up. I mean, it's going to be played at a (hopefully packed) dance club, and the chorus goes:
"How did you get here? Nobody's supposed to be here!" Ha. It's funny, right? Anyone?

5. "Sexual (Li Da Di)" (Thunderpuss Remix) - Amber

If there were ever a song that encapsulated the gay dance club feel, it would be this one. First of all, it's by a woman who goes by her first name only. Then, the lyrics are totally ridiculous. An example:

"Don't make this one dimensional/The way I feel is sexual/It can't be intellectual/The way I feel is sexual." Um, OK. Sounds one-dimensional to me!

6. "I Love You (BT Remix)" - Sarah McLachlan

McLachlan is definitely lesbianish (in fact, she's bi), but is she a gay dance floor diva? The many club remixes of her songs seem to say that she wants to be one, but I'm not entirely convinced that it works. You tell me if you like this one.

7. "It's Not Right But It's Okay" (Thunderpuss Remix) - Whitney Houston

While putting this mix together, I realized that most gay club anthems are about (1) getting laid; (2) getting over someone who just dumped you by trying to get laid; (3) declaring that you're already over somebody and you'll always survive and eventually come back and smack them in the face with your fabulosity. I'm pretty sure this one fits category No. 3. And Whitney's definitely lesbianish.

8. "Since U Been Gone" (Jason Nevins Rock da Club Edit) - Kelly Clarkson

I actually first heard the remixed version of this song (clearly another in category No. 3) in a lesbian bar. When it came on the juke box (somebody paid for it to play!), I was suddenly surrounded by 20-something baby dykes jumping up and down and screaming out the chorus. A lesbian icon is born.

9. "Stranger" (Albert Castillo Radio Edit) - Hilary Duff

Ever since Hilary Duff tried to get lesbians to like her, I've been, um, kinda interested in what she's doing. So sue me, targeted marketing works! Anyway, when I received a CD containing 11 remixes of her song "Stranger," I realized she was seriously going after the gay dance club scene, too.

10. "Konichiwa Bitches" - Robyn

Factors that make Robyn a potential gay dance club diva: (1) She goes by her first name only; (2) this song has the word bitches in it. Factors that make Robyn a potential lesbian icon: (1) She looks like Pink; (2) she's from Sweden; (3) this song is actually pretty cool. Did I mention she looks like Pink?

11. "Hey Big Spender" - Dame Shirley Bassey

You may always associate Dame Shirley Bassey with James Bond, since she's the voice behind such classics as "Goldfinger," but I will always associate this song with lesbian burlesque and drag shows. (Think about it. Yum.) Her latest album tries to remake her into a gay dance club diva, and while I'm not sure if the album works as a whole, this song certainly does.

What are your lesbianish dance club favorites?

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