Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Little Grace In Your Face

I've been a big fan of Grace Jones going all the way back to her start. Her first two albums are still my favorites, Portfolio (1977) and Fame(1978). She's a modern day Josephine Baker-esque, disco/new wave icon.

Enjoy some classic Grace from her first two albums.

La Vie En Rose (1977) (cover of Edith Piaf classic)

I Need A Man (1977)

Do Or Die (1978)

Fame (1978) (with introduction by fierce diva, Amanda Lear)

Below The Belt (1978)

Now here's a RARE treat. The following track, Anema e Core, did not appear on the U.S. edition of the Fame album, but it did replace Below The Belt as the final track on the Italian edition of the album.

I did get to meet and hang out with Grace at one of the New York City nightclubs I was working at in the early 90's. A picture of Grace and I has appeared in a couple of magazines, one in the U.S. and the other in Japan. I have a photo from my camera taken during that photo session hanging in my office, but I wont be putting it on the internet. You'll just have to come visit me one day and get to see it. It's a REAL treat. Meanwhile, here's her autograph I got at the time...

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