Monday, March 24, 2008

Man hired stripper for dad's funeral

A Taiwanese man hired an erotic dancer to perform at his 103-year-old father's funeral.

The stripper danced in front of Cai Jinlai's coffin for more than ten minutes at the funeral in Taizhong town.

Son, Cai Ruigong, paid her more than £80 ($160) to dance in memory of his late father, reports United Daily News.

Cai Ruigong says he promised his father a stripper for his funeral if he lived beyond the age of 100.

Cai Jinlai passed away at the age of 103 after a three mile walk into town to vote. He was the oldest person in his village and had more than 100 descendants.

His son said his father was famous locally for his interest in strip clubs: "He would travel around the island with his friends to see these shows," he added.

Source [Ananova]

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