Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pascal Kleiman: DJ who works with feet only

Known by many as “The Amazing Pascal, or the DJ who spins with his feet,” 39 year old Pascal Kleiman, from Toulouse France, has proven himself as a true artist in all musical aspects vibrating the dance floor and creating an inspiring musical performance.

Pascal Kleiman’s sound is characterized by a unique groove of diverse underground music. His record bag is full of ambient, dub, progressive and psychedelic electronic music from European, South African, American and Asian artists. Pascal Kleiman doesn't stop short of progressive and psy-trance. Owning his own record shop gives him access in the latest electronic dance music. His production skills have allowed him to produce several vinyl releases and recently he has worked on some new tracks coming out on his forthcoming CD release with Psycho Abstract.

Frenchman Pascal Kleiman is a phenomenon of electronic music stage. He was born without hands, but this fact hasn't killed his dream to become a DJ.

Now he's a usual guy, the only difference is that.. he's DJing with his legs.

He is a victim of a medicine, called "softenon" ..which was used in sixties for treatment of a toxicosis by pregnant women. It was found out later, that the basic component of this medicine caused a serious mutation.

However, a tragedy hadn't become an absolute obstacle in his way, and now he's famous in Spain and all over the world.

"I suffer only in people imagination. I don't think that i have a tragedy in my destiny. I am who I am. Believe, I never dreamed of hands", he admits.


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