Saturday, July 12, 2008

Certus Model 460 Turntable costs as much as my car

The new Certus Turntable employs a unique magnetic damped multi-phase synchronous drive system to directly drive a massive, heavily damped brass and hardwood platter. The patent pending Certus drive systems innovative approach eliminates speed and timing distortions inherent in other drive systems. Combining the Certus motor with a revolutionary application of materials results in a musical experience simply unknown to audiophiles until now.

The Certus Turntable by Teres Audio is available in two distinct models.

The Certus 460 with two armboards coupled with the Gibraltar isolation stand represents the pinnacle of modern turntable development. The Certus 460 is also available without the Gibraltar stand.
The Certus 450 provides all the musical satisfaction of the Certus implementation, but omits the advantages of the additional brass and hardwood base and dual armboards found on the Model 460.

Pictures of the Certus Turntable may do much to convey the raw physical beauty of exotic hardwoods integrated with satin coated brass components. However, the virtues of the Certus Turntable must be heard to be appreciated. No single demonstration will adequately illustrate the hours and hours, years and years, of musical pleasure the Certus will effortlessly provide. It simply must be owned.


The Certus turntable is available direct from Teres Audio, Inc.
Certus Prices:

Model 450: $13,900 - $14,900
Model 460: $18,500 - $19,500
Model 460 with matching Gibralter stand: $24,500 - $25,500

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