Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hottest DJ Mixer EVER (I want one !!) ...and it's Open-Source

aurora 224 2-Channel Open-Source DJ Mixer

Video Description
This is a DJing demonstration using aurora to control Ableton Live. The video is an overhead shot of the user adjusting the mixer's faders, knobs, and buttons to mix the music. The video cuts between two types of scenes. The lit scenes show a user controlling the music. The dark scenes highlight aurora's ambient lighting system.

About aurora:
aurora is an open source USB powered mixer in a typical DJ form factor. Using Max\MSP or PD the device can control your favorite MIDI software. aurora features 24 backlit knobs, 3 linear sliders, and 8 backlit buttons. These devices are for sale. You can find out more about the project here at

Song Credits:
Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking Treasure Down
Volta - Robot Needs Oil (Olivier Giacomotto Mix)
Cass & Slide - Lost Life


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