Sunday, July 6, 2008

Last Thing Ever Written by John Lennon

On his way out of the RECORD PLANT ca.1035 pm on the night of December 8, 1980, Rabiah Vincent, the switchboard operator, asked John Lennon for an autograph. 15 minutes later, he was murdered. This incredible find is without question, the last thing that Lennon ever wrote & signed and as such is a remarkable discovery.

The famous DOUBLE FANTASY album signed for mark Chapman was done at 5pm, on Lennon's way to the studio. Heretofore, it was thought to be the final autograph.

[Moments In Time]

Regarding the Lennon/Chapman album claim as the most expensive record in the world ...

According to Gary Zimet of Moments in Time, the New York memorabilia dealer who brokered the sale of the Chapman album, the $460,000 figure released in 1999 was for publicity purposes, and said the record was actually sold for $150,000. News reports several years later of the album's sale for as much as $525,000 are also in error; Zimet said a deal was in place in 2003, but it fell through. He did note though that the album's owner remains willing to part with it for around $600,000 (beware, though -- upon the purchase in 1999, the owner received a number of death threats).

But so far, the Chapman record has fetched only $150,000.

See below for Most Expensive Record in The World

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