Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Those Crazy Finnish People ...

True classic through and through. Watch the whole thing.
Schlager music at it's best.

Armi & Danny - I Wanna Love You Tender

Armi & Danny achieved some notoriety outside Finland in 2006 when this 1978 music video, "Tahdon olla sulle hellä", sung in English as "I Wanna Love You Tender" became a viral video. The choreography is something that needs to be desired. This video has been passed around the internet as "The Worst Music Video Ever."

Sadly, the lovely Armi Aavikko passed away in 2002. Armi was a beauty queen and a singer. In 1977 she became Miss Finland. Armi & Danny attempted to become the Finnish version of ABBA. Danny had carried on an extramarital affair with Ms. Aavikko for many years. Armi died from pneumonia, brought on by chronic alcoholism. Danny is still active in the popular music scene of Finland.

Danny, who's real name is Ilkka Lipsanen, has a memorial webpage dedicated to Armi:


  1. HA !! Good reply video. I saw a bunch of reply videos but did not get a chance to check any out. Thanks for sharing.