Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Young Talent

This 11-year Japanese girl has been influenced from her dad to play classic progressive rock on a Yamaha Electone organ. All bass guitar parts are done with footwork. Her dad is a big fan of Canadian rock band, Rush. When she was 10-years old she took on the classic Kansas track, "Carry On Wayward Son." SCRUMTRULESCENT performances on both. I'm a fan.

It took her 6 to 10 months to learn each song. The organ is a Yamaha Stagea ELS-01C. This keyboard costs around 1,081,500 Yen, or around $10,000 USD (though not available in the US). The drums are sequenced & programmable IN the organ. Its the newest AWM2 sound technology of Electone that makes it so realistic. She's got a rhythm guitar in the left hand and a lead guitar and keyboard in the right hand. The foot pedals have additional instruments as well. Simply insane.

Her father has posted these videos on YouTube and has commented:

My doughter is just a general sixth grader going to the Electone school of Yamaha once a week. Just a little girl longing for "HANNA MONTANA" of the Disney channel.(HAHA)
She arranged for me this song which I liked in my boyhood.Also it deserves a lot of thanks what she practiced hard to be able to play it even if not playing without a music sheet. She is not an Asian "mechanical robot" or a "talented girl" to be called.

YouTube channel:

I just find it ironic that she's playing these awesome Western nation tracks at 10 years old while I was playing "Chopsticks" on the organ when I was 10 years old.

Rush - YYZ

Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son

[Velvet Rope]

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