Sunday, August 10, 2008

Are DJ Apps Really What People Want For Their iPhones?

I have to agree with the fine folks over at Skratchworxwhen they question the concept of squeezing our beloved DJ and music apps on a tiny iPhone. I also have never had a desire to rush out and get an iPhone. I personally prefer any new software or electronics when it's reach at least it's 3rd or 4th release (iPhone is now on release 2, with their current 3G version). That's why I am quite happy with my Blackberry 8830.

How practical would it truly be to cram Pro Tools, MPC, Serato Scratch Live, Acid Pro, etc on a pocket-sized instrument? Granted, it will get you killer bragging rites, but nothing beyond that. Your screen is capable of only allowing 2 finger tips to control things. The sensitivity of the touchpad will make the functions extremely limited. Do you think you could actually DJ a gig using your iPhone and SSL apps, or sit on the train making the next #1 remix off your Pro Tools iPhone app? Hardly.

And I also agree with Skratchworx, that if anyone wants to invest in music app R&D, make something that is more of a peripheral, such as a plugin tool or trigger for cue points, trigger for samples, etc. That will be more practical.

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