Sunday, August 10, 2008

MixVibes DVS (Digital Vinyl System) Version 7 is Out Now

In 2007, MixVibes developed with ESI Audio technology a rock solid interface to combine with their DVS (Digital Vinyl System) technology. MixVibes created the DVS PACK MK2, a perfect bundle solution for DJs who wish to get everything included (interface, vinyl, CD and software). This package offers an outstanding sound quality and the best latency performance on the market for scratch and club DJs.

The essential Digital Vinyl System (DVS) to mix your digital files with CD or vinyl decks in professional conditions. All you need is a PC and a 2in/2out audio interface (USB, FireWire, PCI compatible) to spin your digital music with your CD or vinyl decks!

Thanks to the timecoded control CDs or vinyl records, feel the smooth real time reactivity of scratching digital files. The latency you get depends on your audio interface but can go as low as 1 ms with top notch firewire soundcards. Check out the forum for recommended and pre-tested sound interfaces.

The CD player or turntables are plugged into the soundcard inputs. No RIAA Pre amp is recommended, the software does the correction automatically. The output of your soundcard will be connected to Channel 1 and 2 of your mixer. Once everything is set up, the Install Wizard in the DVS will help you finalize the setup.

DVS Features

Playback modes:

Spinning records could be done with 2 kinds of modes. The absolute mode plays your media files just like a normal vinyl record. Moving the needle over the vinyl will follow the mp3 songs loaded in your software player. The relative mode allows you to loop your vinyl, and move forward and backward the loops with the needle. The third mode is All Relative and moving the needle over the vinyl will have no effect on the track position. This mode is recommended for fast scratch and to avoid skips.

Control Vinyl record:

MixVibes control vinyl record is designed to be tough and precise. It includes a high frequency timecode allowing a better control of the track position and detecting every movement you will do. This ultra-accurate timecode record weights 124 g and is one-minute split. Switching to DVS software on Master Tempo mode enables you to mix and scratch using the master tempo mode.

Control CD for CD players:

MixVibes’ high definition CD reacts just like a normal CD on a generic CD player. Its timecode was especially developed aside the one of our digital vinyl for better performances (definition of less than 3 ms). This special timecode provides precise hot cues and very short loops.

Extras included:

A connector cable set is included in the pack for an easy setup. Y-RCA is recommended to use to bypass your software and spin your traditional record without unplugging everything. The bypass is also managed through the software. Keyboard stickers are included to make a software control through your laptop keyboard.

New advanced features of the version 7

MIDI learning

As every controller has its own configuration, the DVS 7 is now including a very intuitive MIDI learning. It is really easy to map your favourite controller and control the DJ software. The version 7 includes pre mapped MIDI files for VCI-100, Hercules DJ Console RMX and MK2, Pioneer CDJ-400, M-Audio X-session and more…

16 patterns sampler
Samples in a mix enable you to get more interaction with your audience. Thanks to the integrated 16 pad sampler, you will send samples, loops or full songs live. You can choose among the 500 loops included in the software (FX, R&B, Hip-hop, Scratch,…) or load directly your own samples from the explorer.

14 FX and 7 VST included

Bring more creativity in your mix thanks to the FX included. Flanging, Phasing, Reverb, Echo are some of the 14 FX included. These FX can be adjusted in the HOME player or directly from your MIDI controller. Up to 6 FX can be affected at the same time.


Minimum Specs

Windows XP
Pentium III 1Ghz or equivalent
Service Pack 2 or higher
Hard disk space for music
One available USB port

Windows Vista
Pentium III 1Ghz or equivalent
Service Pack 1 or higher
One available USB Port
Hard disk space for music

Note :
This application is only Windows supported
This is the minimum requirement. We recommend to use an higher spec computer

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