Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Addition to the Family ... Introducing FRASIER

Meet Frasier.

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He's a Toy-Sized Australian Shepherd. He was born February 25, 2008 and is almost full grown now. He weighs 6.5 lbs. He wont get much taller, but he will fill out a little in weight and get to around 10-12 lbs. He's almost teacup size.

He's not named after the TV show as many might initially think. His color is known as Red Tri-color, which is a mix of red, brown and white. The red is more of a reddish-brown. We wanted to pick a name associated with the color red. The French word for strawberry is fraise, so we chose Frasier as a derivative of that.

Our other dog, Noah, is also an Aussie, but Noah is a standard size weighing approx. 60 lbs. Noah is 2 years old and he is a black tri-color.

The boys are getting along quite well. Noah allows Frasier to take over his bed, eat out of his food bowl and even play with most of Noah's toys. The only toys Noah does not like Frasier going near are his edible toys, such as rawhides, etc. But it's very cute when the boys are cuddled up together and kissing each other.

Frasier is quite delicate and fragile, but don't let his small size fool you. Take him outside and he loves to run ... and run fast. He even chases Noah around the dining room table.

A small dog in the house is very different. We now have to be really cautious everywhere we step, or if we want to roll/move our office chairs around.

Frasier has his own food and water bowls, but he still likes to sneak into the kitchen (not really sneaking if Noah and us watch him) and steals one piece of Noah's food then scurries into the living room and goes into Noah's bed to eat that one piece. When he's done with that piece, he runs into the kitchen to steal one more piece of Noah's food and then runs back to the bed to eat it. Noah and I look at the puppy like he's crazy. Very cute.


  1. Oh Spy.....He's so freakin' cute! Noah is beautiful too! How's Florida treating you? I miss you! Hope everything is going well for you and you're happy!