Saturday, August 2, 2008

Retro DJ Booth now available on Ebay (by Person who can't Spell)

Rare 1920's Or Early 30's Disc Jockeys Dual Turntable

Yours for only $2000 on Ebay

Hopefully this person can DJ better than they can spell. Here's the message that goes with this item:

This rare Disc Jockey's Dual Turntble[sic] probably came out of a radio station and I alays[sic] wanted to keep it but I am out of room. It is a fairly large piece of furniture and has beautiful wood for the cabinet. It has 2 turntables and an amplifer[sic]. It also has 2 doors that drop out on each side for records. Buyer pays $250.00 for shiping[sic] or can pcik[sic] up in Lincoln, Nebraska. The shipping might even be higher depending on where you live.

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