Wednesday, September 17, 2008

867-5309 .. for a good time

"867-53 oh ni-ee-yine" is the addictive hook from the 1982 pop hit made popular by the band Tommy Tutone (yes, it's a band name and not the name of the singer). It caused a frenzy of prank phones calls to that infamous phone number ... or just an endless amount of curious schoolboys hoping their dreams would get fulfilled when "Jenny" would actually answer the phone and automatically agree to go to bed with them.

Some people took the phone calling to an extreme and have posted lists of every U.S. area code (and some foreign) phone number using 867-5309. Most are bad numbers.

There's the Jenny, Are You There? project, the JennyScan project and there's even an editable wiki in case you want to share your late-night-drinking-wishing-you-could-bone-Jenny-so-I-called-the-silly-phone-number experience over at Wikia.

Here's just a sampling of results from U.S. area codes starting with 2:

201: Rings, standard voice mail.

202: "Cannot be completed as dialed"

203: "The number you have reached is not in service."

204: "Hi you have reached the Lownes(?)" [Girl answered]

205: "The number you have reached has been disconnected."

206: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

207: "Not in service at this time."

208: Mailbox full, name is not understandable.

209: "Hey, this is Jenny and I'm sorry I missed your call, I'm in New York this month and should be back the middle of next month. Go ahead and leave me a message and I'll give you a call as soon as I get back. Still love you all, okay, you know it. Talk to you later, Bye."

210: "Not a working number."

212: Mailbox full. Standard voice mail. NOTE: This one was featured on ebay, but the auction was pulled because Verizon wouldn't let the number get sold.

213: Mailbox full. Name is a sound of a phone hanging up.

214: Rings and rings and rings.

215: "Disconnected."

216: "Not in service."

217: "Disconnected or no longer in service."

218: "Hello. Please leave a message after the tone."

219: "Area code has changed to 574."

224: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

225: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

226: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

228: REALLY loud dial-up modem sound.

229: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

231: "Has been disconnected."

234: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

239: "Not in service at this time."

240: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

248: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

250: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

*251: "Disconnected or is no longer in service."

252: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

253: Dial tone and then hang up.

254: Rings and rings and rings.

256: Busy signal. Tried again and got "Cannot be completed as dialed."

260: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

262: "Not in service."

267: "Not in service."

269: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

270: REALLY loud dial-up modem sound.

276: "Reached a non-working number"

281: REALLY loud dial-up modem sound.

289: "Cannot be completed as dialed."

Check the links above for the rest of the results.

On a side note, here was Tommy Tutone's previous hit, "Angel Say No" (killer track)...

Here's the Claymation version of 867-5309 (Gumby and Mr. Bill were not available?)

By the way... Tommy Heath, the lead singer of the band, became a software engineer when "Jenny" wasn't paying all the bills.

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