Saturday, September 20, 2008

World's Largest Mirror Balls

Ahhh ... the iconic mirror ball that is the center of every great party. Enjoy the reflective beauty that is the world's largest mirror balls.

The Guinness World Record belongs to Frateur Events and their Crystal (or Cristal) Mirrorball which measures 7.35m (24 ft 1.3 in) in diameter. It was made by Raf Frateur for a display at a club called Studio 54 in Antwerp, Belgium in July 2007. This masterpiece contains almost 80,000 small 5x5cm mirrors. It took 3 months to build it. It weighs 200kg (440 lbs).

The previous record holder is an outdoor tourist attraction located on the South Promenade, near the sea, in Blackpool, UK.

The Mirror Ball, officially titled "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?” by the artist Michael Trainor, measuring 20 feet in diameter, has won the prestigious national Lighting Design Award in 2005. The famous Mirror Ball light show incorporates six moving headlights that would normally only be found indoors within nightclub environments and stage shows. Sponsored by Robe Lighting and HSL Productions of Blackburn, the lighting installation can be enjoyed throughout the evening until midnight.

The six ColorSpot 1200 E AT's are mounted on customised 5 metre high posts, with special domes on top to protect them for the weather – being directly exposed to the Irish Sea it can be an extremely hostile environment. The posts were designed and supplied by Blackpool Council's Illuminations engineering department. They are force air cooled to extract the heat of the fixtures form the small space.

The revolving artwork, featuring 46,500 mirrors, is a permanent fixture on the resort's South Promenade.

It is officially called "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" after a 1960s film and has been a public art display since 2002.

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