Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Ultimate Vinyl Collectors Christmas Gift

Neiman Marcus just released their annual Christmas Book with gift suggestions for those Wall Street CEO's and now have this for sale ...

Thirty-Five Year Collection of Top 100® 45 RPM Records

In this age of soulless digital downloads and MP3 mumbo-jumbo, we gleefully turn to that treasured icon of our American pop culture childhood: the 45 RPM vinyl single. And since we're in the once-in-a-lifetime business, we giddily present our exclusive, definitive collection. To be clear, it contains each and every 45 RPM vinyl record that was listed on the Billboard Top 100® Rock and Pop charts from Jan. 1, 1955, through Dec. 31, 1990. Absolutely every disc for 35 years, every No. 100 up to every No. 1. There are some 18,400 records total. Some are even autographed. How about the Beatles' 1964 hit "Ain't She Sweet" with picture sleeve, worth a cool $500; or the Beach Boys' 1961 hit "Surfin' Luau" worth $200. There are literally hundreds of extremely collectible 45s — Elvis, Joplin, Hendrix, you name it — and the collection in its entirety is priceless.

Ditch your bike in the front yard, run inside, and dial up 1.877.9NM.GIFT already!

Chart-Topping 45 RPM Record Collection
Price $275,000.00*


*Our offer is not sponsored by nor affiliated with Neilsen Business Media Inc., the owner of Billboard®. Please note: Delivery is not included.

[Neiman Marcus]

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  1. I miss those vinyl records hope somebody would give to me this Christmas