Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lowest Ever Edition of The Beatles White Album Up for Auction on eBay

There is truly a one of a kind item up for grabs on eBay as a listing for the fifth printing of The Beatles self-titled album, most often referred to as The White Album, is up for sale on the auction site. The first four printed albums were giving to The Beatles band members and this is the earliest edition that has ever seen the open market as it is marked 0000005. The vinyl records in an extremely good shape for their age and come to the market as the album celebrates its 40th anniversary of release on 22nd November (1968).

The listing of the auction reads:

Some years ago, this album was taken into the collectors shop named 'Vinyl Revival Records' in Newbury, Berkshire, England by a musician (they did not disclose who) who had visited John in the flat that he shared with Yoko in late 1968 (that was owned by Ringo) at 34 Montague Square, Marylebone, London W.1. The musician saw a pile of White Albums on a table and asked for one. John readily agreed, but said 'Don't take No.1 - I want that'. Instead he took No. 5'.

The album then passed into the hands of Beatles specialist dealer 'Good Humour' who then sold it to its current owner who has now commissioned me to sell it on his behalf.

If you plan on bidding on the fab four collectible you should be advised that you have to be approved to become a bidder on the item. Bidding is currently at £GBP 6,405.51 (approximately US $9,518.59) but expect that number to go up massively in the coming days as more people find out about the auction that will end nearly 40 years to the day that the album hit shops. Do you think that this was just smart marketing by the eBay seller or do you think that one of the members of The Beatles inner-circle is just drumming up some publicity for the anniversary of the classic album?

[Cleveland Leader]

What I find most interesting as that Disc 2 is heavier than Disc 1. Here's the specifics...

This unique, complete copy is UK 1968 MONO 1st pressing on the dark green Apple labels: PMC 7067 & PMC 7068

All labels carry the 'Sold in UK..' texts but omit the 'An EMI Recording' text found on later editions.

The discs are housed in a thick card stock, fully laminated, top-loading 'Garrod & Lofthouse printed mono cover numbered: No.0000005

This copy is 100% complete with both its matt black die-cut inner-sleeves, 4 colour portrait photos, matt UK printed poster and white paper photo spacer.

Matrix numbers: YEX 709-1, 710-1 & YEX 711-1, 712-1
Stamper numbers: 33,3/R, 1/M & 1/RD, 3/RR
Disc weights: 1. 150g 2. 151g

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